Lebanon VayCay Style

Seeing as I didn’t really watch or listen to anything new – Oh god wait! Darkie Fiction dropped their EP last week! I LIVE! You have to hear it. It’s so epic and goes down real good. Dripping with all the local flavour. Search ‘Sobabini: A Mzansi Revolution‘ on all streaming sites.

As you can tell there is no #FOMOFridays today. I’ve been away. Which leads me to this post! Mama had to serve some lewks while holidaying in Lebanon. It was hot and humid AF, but I managed to look cute each day. You guys would laugh at my little notebook in which I itemised each outfit day by day. Trust me it makes packing so much easier!

Thursday: Arrival day was great! Settled into the apartment and got some shut eye as we got there crazy early. The day was long and consisted a lot of sitting in traffic. It was all worth it when we got to the most amazing Mediterranean restaurant with the best food EVER. I wore my pink on pink delight shirt and shorts from Asos. On the feet I slipped into these embossed tan Duke+Dexter loafers. Nice overcast day which ended with a walk around the old city of Byblos with it’s gorgeous churches, cobblestone roads and harbour.


Friday: Boat day! So initially it was planned that we’d spend the whole day on this great party boat and frolic in the still Med sea to our hearts content… until the sea decided not to be still. Plan B was chilling on the stony beach in Batroun. Honestly a better alternative. The day was the best! Boozy, tiny cozzies and loads of food. Wore as little as possible. The vintage silk kimono from Vintage Goddess is all you should care about here. Hehe.


Saturday: Go Aya, it’s your birthday! I knew this day was going to be lush and delish all the way up in the mountains of Bkessine village. It was certainly no village by any South African standards. I had my girl Buhle of Fashimo Styles make me this two piece African print number. Initially had it untucked, but a tuck always wins. How gorge is this print from Nigeria??


Sunday: Funday. Woke up late. Chilled and fooled around at the apartment making videos to Darkie Fiction songs and eventually hit the city of Beirut. Loads of walking around and taking snaps of the coolest area called Mar Mikhael. Finally got to wear this Hawaiian-esque shirt from Zara with white shorts, white leather Converse and topped off with a vintage Fila corduroy cap. Easy breezy, beautiful.


Monday: Final day in the city was another chill one. My outfit certainly wasn’t! Lol. I had a choice between orange high-wasted pants made for me by Buhle or white linen pants; all white was going to be overkill so I went with the orange. Winner! They looked so good with a loose white linen button up and camo print Duke+Dexter loafers. Great day of art museums, margaritas and the constant hunt for WiFi.


I had THE best time dressing up every day like it was my bday (one day was of course). Lebanon was so gorgeous with so much history and variety. The men are so HOT and everyone is so friendly and warm. Imma give you the full lowdown in a future ALNgoes post.

Have a great weekend!




Bushfire Style

The fire was brought and of course this was an opportunity for me to play dress up. Not that I need a whole music festival to do so, but it certainly amplifies everything because other people make an effort too. It’s no Afrika Burn, although some people did try take it there with their outfits.

Friday: I spent the 4 or so hour drive down to Swaziland in this (minus the kimono). I really should’ve worn something for the trip and then changed, because setting up the campsite was a sweaty exercise. I wore this vintage styled Levi’s cropped tee with red ankle length pants, holographic silver platform shoes and a custom crop robe from .ing. The kimono did all the work to be honest. When it gets sun it just shows off all sorts of detail on the colour morphing fabric.


Saturday: This was a day of wigs and nip slips. Mama got a new wig and Monicah came out to play in military green realness. I was in an olive green short jumpsuit given to me by a friend who happens to have a man who makes amazing clothes – thanks Siphosihle Masongo! I’m so bummed I didn’t do a pic of the back because there was more detail and the word ‘Future’ in gold. Bad ass short brunette bob, brown boots and moon bag to finish off the lewk and hit the main day of the fest. Gag!

Bushfire Style 2018

Sunday: I was actually going to do this lewk on Saturday but really glad I didn’t. It just worked better as a “mellow” Sunday vibe – I mean those pants are totally church service worthy! I had them made by Fashimo Styles for an event last year and re-used them this time with a white Style Collusion tee, black wool beanie and tan Palladium boots. I had a few people ask me what “AF” meant… It happens. This day was the funnest one and I loved hiking up my pants to carry them up stairs like a ball gown. Small joys.


All very different lewks to throw together, but the weather allowed me to do the most and I obliged. Saturday night was the only day I did a whole other outfit, but I didn’t take any pics. Would’ve been nice…

All the travelling, partying, camping, boozing and cruising left me spent so I’ll try have the pics and festival lowdown out this week. Until then, have a fab rest of the week. Hey June!




Weekend Mirror Style

God. The instagram “camera” is actually quite shite. Or is it the mirror? Uhh… whatever. Let’s just go with “it adds effect”. I wanted to do this post yesterday, you know… for consistency sake. But my Monday had other plans. Mostly eye-rolling my life away at the office, groceries, a quick 20-minute meal and making silly instastory videos of me singing to Destiny’s Child’s “Sexy Daddy”. But in short… I totes forgot.

So Friday: A razzle at the office. Lord knows a full productive day on Friday isn’t a real thing. I wore black pretty much all week because we were in mourning. Obvs kept it cute and edgy with an #IAmWinnieMandela t-shirt I got at ConHill last Tuesday. Worked around the tee with cropped black pants showing my “beetlejuice” socks for colour, black leather ankle boots and a biker jacket. Apparently the jacket is very Michael Jackson? Maybe more ‘I’m Bad’ than ‘Thriller’? Anywho… it was fun to do a bit of a punk-esque vibe.



Saturday was a a full day! After passing out early with the lights on and blinds up while trying to finish ‘Wild Wild Country’ I woke up at 6am to get ready for Mam Winnie’s funeral. I didn’t take a mirror snap but I did a black polo neck, black coat and black brogue styled ankle boots. I think I was thinking more traditional funeral vibes. Really glad I went. What a phenomenal woman. Her send off was historic. And yes… Cape Town International we’re coming for you!

Second part of the day was spent at Corona Sunsets Festival out in Modderfontein. Which sounds like it’s hella far, but it’s just off Marlboro! Threw this lewk together around a vintage tartan skirt I got at ivintageyakho in WorkShopNewtown. The pattern popped around the black and grey. I also have way too many of these Adidas trefoil tees. I initially was gonna go without anything under the skirt, but then figured I could use the skirt as like a shawl situation when it got cold. I hate carrying jackets if I’m not driving. Needless to say I forgot to use that idea and froze my tits off when the temperature suddenly dropped just before midnight. Super fun times, I think I’ll do a post on it tomorrow.


Saturday (After Tears)

Sunday I kept it a little preppy for brunch with the house-husband. A white tee with a patterned elephant, cropped navy pants and tan woven sandals did the trick. You’d swear I had a full day ahead with the tote bag and everything. I literally came home  straight after and vegged on the couch until kingdom come. I just had no energy for anything. Bummed I missed Nirox Picnic Day. Oh snap! Beychella happened on this day. Zero wigs to speak of. That woman is something else. Praise bey.



Have a fab week. Smile at a stranger.




Weekend Style

Am I the only one who is bummed Easter is over?! Also… I don’t know what titles to give these weekend style posts. The last one worked because it was a “themed” weekend. And by “themed” I mean Jesus died and moved that massive stone out of the way to rise and do the things. Love it!

So I really need to get better at remembering to save my insta mirror style snaps to use on here. O.M.G. I just gave myself the title for these posts! Mirror Style! Unless it’s another themed weekend you know.

Friday was work. Bleh. So natch I forgot to take a mirror style selfie. I’ll do better, promise. Only if you care of course. But for the purpose of this post I’ve used a mirror selfie from Thursday night with some of my faves (Siya and Zweli). It’s basically the same look sans the hat and jacket… and different sneakers. Lol, I’m explaining too much. Go with it. I think it was a bit chills, so it was basically a grey polo-neck (going to be so essensh for winter – stock up!), dark grey tailored ankle length pants and the paint splashed Aisics sneaks. Nice and basic. Went to a networking event that night which I will share in my next post.

Update: Thanks to Miss Randi Va, I found ALL my archived instastories on the app. Rejoice! Thanks for looking out girl.


Thursday (which was basically my Friday lewk)

Saturday was spent partly at gym (hate that place, but it does the things), partly at home helping a friend with their filming assignment and mostly at Zoo Lake for a birthday party. I obvs only got dressed for the party with a navy basic tee, comfy AF navy and white capri pants and insanely bright Adidas NMD sneakers. Added in a pineapple and question mark pin because, why not. I just felt like I need some quirk. I was into it.



Sunday was ME, ME, ME. Lazed in bed all morning then got up and posted a video of me dancing to Cardi B’s ‘Bartier Cardi’ on my instagram stories. Mess! The weather was begging for legs to be out, so I obliged with a white linen button up, ripped denim short-shorts and these rad (allow me, a lot of people use this word) tan leather tie ups. The shorts caused a bit of stir when I went to Rosebank Mall for a young toiletry shopping sessh. Probably too short for a holy day? Lol.




Hope you all had a good weekend. Go forth and smash this week! ❤

ALNgoes., ALNthrowbacks.

Going BIG at Little Gig

For my first post for ALNgoes I decided to go back and throwback to not so long ago when I went to the Little Gig 24 Hour Festival 2018. It was my first time attending this relatively young fest, but it certainly wont be my last. After putting up some pics on Instagram I got a few DMs from friends asking about the fest, where it is, how it was and how I even got to know about it. So here you have it!

Little Gig is held in a foresty farm about 40 minutes from Cape Town. Basically Stellenbosch tbh. I probably first heard about it from a Facebook ad – we all know how they are all up in our activities. I wasn’t fully convinced until I watched the recap video of last years festival… It just looked so great. The venue, vibe and style. Paired with the insane lineup which included personal faves; Nonku Phiri, Bongeziwe Mabandla, Umlilo & The Stash Crew, Kid Fonque and Kenzhero there was no way I wasn’t gonna go. Some people thought that it was crazy to go all the way down to Cape Town for a festival, but let’s be honest we’ve all flown across the country for much less exciting things. My bestie was celebrating a birthday and we made it a thing. Simple.

It was AH-MAZING! It was totes a thing! It’s literally 24 hours. You do with that time as you wish. The fashion was out of control, in the best way. It was safe. I felt safe. I was pretty much dressed in a doily and some high waisted shorts all day and people thought that was cool. I liked that. Most would look at the ticket price and think it’s way too much, but for what you get from it – honey take it ALL! The bars were flowing all day because it’s all inclusive so no tapping of cards or counting coins. Food was non-stop gourmety and delicious goodness. A Vida e Cafe popped up on Sunday morning for that first cuppa to activate the senses which may have dimmed after all that day drinking And get this… There was a ‘Free Store’ were you could get anything from toothbrushes, cigarettes, tampons to cashews and some gum. All Woolies babes! Mahala. I naturally raided the store on my way out the next day. Padkos vibes. 😉

The crowd was a decent mix, probably more diverse than previous years but still very white (obvs Cape Town nice things). I was just really happy to see so many  of my beautiful happy queer family there doing all the things.



I didn’t think it could get any better at one point but when the sun made it’s way to the other parts of the world, the party really kicked in. A basketball court was converted into a stage where Black Motion played a killer set. Then much later a secret after-party was revealed at another part of the farm which was a jump! Doowap kicked things off with her always welcomed high energy set and was followed by more interesting DJs. Oh and the bar was still running with a slapchip stand to grease everyone up before bed.

After a full day of drinking, the morning after wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. No major hangover, but a great breakfast spread and fresh juice certainly helped to keep me stable. Samthing Soweto sang the blues while everyone eased themselves back into reality with mimosas in hand.

I can’t account for everything, but just know that I had a blast at Little Gig. Shout out to my crew Jerri, Siya, Abe and homegirl from Namibia Wendy. You guys really made the fest that much better. Let’s do it again next year gang!


Check out more snaps on the Little Gig gallery and also According to Jerri for his gallery post on the fest.


Easter Weekend Style

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of events, catch-ups and parties! So obvs I had to be dressed for every occasion.

Friday was super chill. Brunch, shopping and you know… a tattoo from Dakota Lee! Lol. My trusty Adidas trefoil black tee did the things along with red crop pants and my fave silver holographic platforms.


Easter Friday

Saturday was a WORLD TOUR! Fabric shopping at Oriental Plaza, a razzle at We Are One Music Festival at 1Fox, turn up at Feel Good Series at Dorkay and finally a “wind down” at Issa Vibe party at The Tennis Club. It was a lot. All that in navy Madison boots! My feet were mush. I was unable by 3 a.m. I played around with masculine and feminine with a burgundy polo shirt and sexy silky vintage adidas track pants. A winner!



Sunday I failed to save the picture I took. Try imagine it… Salmon pink adidas trefoil tee, black crop pants and black paint splashed Asics Gel-Lyte trainers. Sunday was a continuation of Saturday… Brunch, birthday picnic, Great Dane for Sunday Roast and ended the day with some faves at Kool Out.

Monday was the chillest of them all! I visited my friends new baby Logan in a white Levi’s branded tee, black leather jacket and a knee length black skirt finished off with all-white leather Converse All-Star sneaks. I sound like I’m talking about a recipe… anyway I love long weekends! #HeIsRisen


Easter Monday


P.S. Hit me up if you wanna know where I got any of the items I have on 😉


ALN. “Shoot” Outtakes

So while moonlighting as a photographer for my friend’s Know Scrubs clothing brand (see my shots on their instapage), I obviously swindled a friend who was in the shoot to take snaps of me in the guise of using them for the gram. The swindlee is Smiso and he takes really great pics when he’s not saving lives as a medical doctor.

To be honest I didn’t even know I was taking these pics for the purpose of eventually using them for this blog. I was really taking them to apply to a modelling agency that stays rejecting me (whatevs!). But that’s for another day. Click through and tell me what you think. 😉

Oh! Btdubs, the gorgeous kimono you see me wearing in the pics throughout the blog was gifted to me by my fave, Inge Wulff. I also played a model for her capsule range release last year,  check out .ing here on insta.