We’re on the halfway mark of this month and autumn is starting to settle in. Whenever I mention this people get so annoyed for some reason. I do not have power over nature! Seasons are seasons are seasons. Freshen up that wardrobe and remember all you need is a light jacket. 😉

Friday, 8 March:


3rd time running the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival started last night at the Joburg Theatre at it looks like a full on show. Over 60 local and international comedy acts with some top faves like Kagiso Lediga, Desmond Dube and Rob Van Vuuren. Tonight in particular Loyiso Gola kicks off the show. [Fri-Sat, 15-16 Mar 7PM R150-R300]

POP Art in Maboneng keeps the great shows coming with Salaam Stories, an award-winning and international performed play which dives into history and memory during the Cape Slave trade. It only runs for 3 days so be sure to catch this one. [Fri-Sun, 15-17 Mar 8PM R120]

Just next door to POP Art, The Bioscope Cinema premieres the Official South African Cannes Selection film, The Harvesters/Die Stropers tonight. [Fri-Thurs, 15-21 Mar 8PM]

One event I’m sure will be thought-provoking and honest is Goldendean’s book launch at Be Bold, Come Gold. Goldendean is a genderqueer media artist who went viral some years back with their #FUCKWHITEPEOPLE performance and their book Plan B: A Gathering of Strangers (Or) This Is Not Working is out and will be accompanied with dialogue and a golden party in Brixton tonight. [Fri, 15 Mar 7PM-11PM]

Fourways Farmers Market has a Friday Edition which sounds like a great post work chill-out for peeps in the area. The Sunday edition still stands but this one is an evening version with beer specials, food and live performance. [Fri, 15 Mar 3:30PM-10:30PM]

Saturday, 9 March:


It’s gonna be H-O-T this weekend so the outdoors are kind of a must. A little out of the city is Nirox Sculpture Park which is a beautiful quiet park with scattered art sculptures all over the place. They have back to back events tomorrow and Sunday; Theatre in the Park with a performance from NSA students of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream with music by Urban Village on Saturday. [Sat, 16 Mar 11AM-6PM R200/R250]

More performance tomorrow at Market Theatre with a bright and colourful story driven dance show from a Flemish choreographer called Rule of Three at one theatre and Market Theatre Workshop student Open Day showcase at The Mannie Mannin Theatre. [Sat, 16 Mar 12PM-3PM and 8PM-9:30PM]

There are probably a ton of parties going down tomorrow – I just can’t find ’em! Lol. But to mention some interesting ones – Random Films Studio Party at Keleletla! Library and Everything is Temporary at KCB. One cute and quaint art vibes and one with some top DJs bringing not just your regular vibes. [Sat, 16 Mar 8PM-3AM]

Sunday, 10 March:


The Sunday event at Nirox is the Poetry & Jazz Concert which is the postponed Valentines Day event with MINI and KayaFM. The lineup is pretty great with Itai Hakim, The Brother Moves On, Msaki and Mandi Vundla among others. [Sun, 17 Mar 10AM-6PM R330 online]

We House Sundays x Kid Fonque is in JHB on Sunday at the iconic Constitutional Hill. As the name suggests it’s a day of the best of house music with a UK based guest star DJ. [Sun, 17 Mar 2PM-10:30PM R150 online]

A monthly fave is back at Neighbourgoods. Sunday Edition brings fresh DJs, a small market and good eats. It’s no Neighbourgoods Market – it’s like the cooler and familiar cousin. [Sun, 17 Mar 1PM R50]

Newtone Sunday is bringing the groove with Third Place Newtown’s resident DJs. I live so close to this venue and it just keeps bringing such great events and nothing beats a Sunday chill in the city. [Sun, 17 Mar 3PM-12AM R50]

For a bit of learning, Pick Me Up Poetry is hosting a free Creative Writing and Live Performance Workshop for anyone who is interested in growing their craft and possibly learning new skills. First time I’ve come across this but I’m certainly keeping an eye for more of them. [Sun, 17 Mar 11AM-3PM]

As always follow @FOMOFridaysJHB on Instagram for live story updates on these events, great venues and more. If any event sparks interest be sure to click through the links to get more info and any ticket info.

Have a goodie!!







The flu is coming for me. I can’t really be surprised. My ass was out in nothing but ripped stockings, short shorts and a poloneck on Wednesday night for P_Party. It was obviously a magical, queer and femme lovefest so I’m just gonna have to dope up on the meds before this escalates. I got things to do. Probably will be best to be more dressed for the weather going forward? We’ll see. 😀


So I saw the trailer for Pose and was instantly gagging! It’s a show following a young gay dancer who gets kicked out of his small town home to make it big in New York City. Sounds tired right? Well this gay stumbles upon a whole new world of the NY ball culture – voguing, “the category is…”, lavish costumes and the unshakable need to express through imitation. I’ve only seen one episode. The acting is a bit weak, but Ryan Murphy did the best thing by hiring a diverse and realistic cast which in my view makes up for it. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. I have to stream it on those sites, so good luck.

I also fell into a Charmed YouTube rabbit hole this week. It was triggered by seeing the CW’s reboot of Charmed. TRAUMA!! It’s so awful I can’t even begin to… Uh. Whatever. Anyway, Charmed was epic and a very important part of my younger years. I still dream of having Prue’s powers and a spell book now and then. I’m just gonna pretend that this reboot isn’t happening.

Staying on YouTube, I’m so into The Narrative channel which brings great content and conversation specifically on some of South Africa favourite creators on ideas of identity, representation, creating our own African stories and letting go of Western ideas. So excited about what more will come from this.


I finally compiled that Bushfire playlist I mentioned a few posts ago. It’s not all the artists on the line up  but it’s mostly the ones I got to see and fell in love with. If you don’t have Spotify… Angazi. Maybe try out the trial and see if you like it? It’s pretty dope. If you do have the far more superior music streaming app (wink), then go have a listen. It’s a lush Saturday afternoon listen.

Sound Africa released a new podcast episode this week titled ‘Brother,This Is Cape Town‘. It’s a story of an ex-convict (Bongani Dyalivana) who spent a decade in prison; how he got there, his longing for his father and starting over. Bongani actually co-produced the podcast himself and tells his own story in his own words. It’s such fantastic and real storytelling.

The OG of dirrty Xtina Aguilera’s new album ‘Liberation’ is out today. I’ve been waiting for it. Dunno about y’all. Singles have been fire I’ve had them all on repeat. So let’s see if her full offering gives the same heat. Crossing fingers!

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

It’s not Youth Day weekend without some Sarafina! The musical hit is back and showing at Joburg Theatre until June 25th. I used to watch this film so many times growing up without fully knowing what went on or was going on at the time. A timeless classic. Definitely going to check out the stage production.

Pluck is showing at The Bioscope after debuting at the Encounters Film Fest. It looks at the always topical, always witty Nandos marketing campaigns from inception to being the leaders in the field.

Darkie Fiction is performing live at Kitcheners tomorrow as part of a youth focused set of artists blazing the music scene. I’ve loved this duo since they came out with their catchy summer track ‘Selula’, and they just keep getting better. Other acts include Bonolo Thomas and Nouveaux.

It’s gonna be a campy poptastic broadway singing spectacle with the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus at Wits tomorrow night.  I didn’t know anything about this chorus before, but this particular concert happening in Jozi and Cape Town is to benefit GALA (Gay & Lesbian Memory in Action) so trust imma be there shimmying my shoulders off.

Keyes Art Mile still have their recurring weekly Art & Design Saturdays event. I’ve only ever been to one and the TMRW Gallery has the coolest exhibitions through the use of digital mediums like VR and all the surrounding galleries and shops will be open. I think they have DJs too. Sounds like a cute Saturday sitch.

Sunday there is The Roots Music Concert at Nirox. It’s a Father’s Day vibe apparently (joy). Some of my faves are performing so I’m getting my ticket right now! Bongeziwe Mabandla, Sibusile Xaba and Urban Village are on the line up and it’s sure to be a delicious afternoon. God I hope the weather doesn’t get any funny ideas.

That’s that. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. That cold front is coming for everything so dress nice and warm if you’re gonna go out and play. Happy Youth Day and never forget those who stood up for themselves so that we could do the same. Check out Sifiso Khanyile’s doccie Uprize! on the black consciousness movement that influenced the 1976 youth uprisings. It’s crazy good! Archiving at its best shem.

Happy Friday ❤




That other week my housemate Andrew and I took a young drive out to the Cradle for the annual Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair. The weather was gloriously sunny with a welcomed autumn crisp in the air. For some reason I thought because it was Mother’s Day it wouldn’t be too crazy, but everyone had the same idea to go on the Sunday rather than the Saturday. As crowded as it was it was lovely to see familiar faces.

Parking was a bit of a mare, we spent hours queuing at the food stalls (probably why I don’t have any pics of the food and wine stands), but it was a great day out guzzling bubbly, eating yummy overpriced seafood paella, and playing Rummikub on the lush green lawns. Besides the resident works that are always there I enjoyed a lot of the exhibited sculptures which included some mixed multimedia, glass printing, stonework, metal, LGBT+ activism and simple paper tag wishes on a tree. This gallery is mostly for people who have never been to the park as I had some friends who had never even heard of Nirox. Enjoy and be on the look out for their winter musical events.


Winter Sculpture Fair-y

A small gallery of my visit to the American Express Winter Sculpture Fair on May 13.



Ever seen someone’s instastory or snap and thought “Oooh! Where is that? What show is that? Who is that artist or band?” I do ALL the time! Mostly because I consume a s*#t ton of content and like nice things.

Lord knows if this will take off, but I’m all for trying something out at least once. Also I don’t do any posts on weekends so wanted to create something that will be continuous week on week. It will obvs need you to make it a thing though. *wink*

So the idea behind #FOMOFridays is to share what I’m listening to, watching and going to. Which is cute and all, but I really would like to also know what you’re doing. Then hopefully eventually we keep the FOMO low by finding new places, hot events, cool musicians and anything else that could be missed out on.

Let’s get it POPPIN!


This week I went to go see the local new release ‘Five Fingers for Marseilles‘ at The Bioscope. I’ve never been a fan of westerns, nor do I get their plots – but Five Fingers was an enjoyable watch. It was beautifully shot with an amazing cast and gripping story. I was stressed half the time because you just didn’t know who was the real villain. It’s out nationally so go watch and boost sales!
On Netflix I GAGGED on ‘Wild Wild Country’! I still have two more episodes to go, but I couldn’t stop watching. I basically skipped gym to gobble up 4 eps in one sitting on Monday.
I haven’t started any new shows because the commitment of it all is a lot so I tend to watch easy reality shows. The rebooted America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 ended this week with a new champ… it was cute. Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 10 is amazing as always. If you’ve never seen this show, now is a good time to start. Never thought I’d be a VH1 gal, but they are doing it with their shows. The ‘Winnie‘ documentary is currently airing on eNCA and hopefully will be available at independent cinemas and online. It has everyone shook and well… pissed off. I still haven’t seen it yet but the reviews are in and they are hot! Some would say the timing may be a bit off to push this film, but this last week with the country in mourning has highlighted the almost uncelebrated life of a true South African hero. It’s a shame really, but it’s up to us to rectify it.


I always feel like I’m missing out on music, new and old. There is just too much happening. But as of right now I’m still living for ‘You Will Not Die‘ from Nakhane. It’s one of those start to finish, no skipped tracks albums. Definitely how you do a sophomore album after an award-winning first release. Yaass!
My boo thang LEON just released his EPTo Be Continued‘ which is sooo good. I didn’t even know about his voice until I went to support him at The Orbit in January. He’s one to watch. His voice has such universal appeal and can translate in jazz, pop and urban R&B. Your homegirl Cardi B dropped ‘Invasion of Privacy‘ last Friday and it is a SMASH! She came with all the right ingredients for a first serving; an ode to her haters, calling out trashy men, booty shaking caliente beats with mad features. Can’t help but love this girl.

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Corona Sunsets Music Festival out in Modderfontein. Last years fest was magical, so I’m hoping they bring it again this year. The line-up is outrageous I hope I can keep up. It’s 90% sold out so if this is the first time you’re hearing about it, it’s worth a razzle.
Sunday is Nirox Picnic Day! Nirox Sculpture Park is one of the most beautiful spots around and has started a Picnic series for the winter. My girl Banesa Tseki will be holding it down with a distressing Kundalini Yoga session under the trees from 11am. There will also be performances and picnic baskets for order. It’ll be a nice chilled end to the weekend.

Please comment below with whatever you’re doing, jamming to and watching. Share any self-made playlists and events we may not of heard about that are interesting. Don’t forget to #FOMOFridays on social media.