Lebanon VayCay Style

Seeing as I didn’t really watch or listen to anything new – Oh god wait! Darkie Fiction dropped their EP last week! I LIVE! You have to hear it. It’s so epic and goes down real good. Dripping with all the local flavour. Search ‘Sobabini: A Mzansi Revolution‘ on all streaming sites.

As you can tell there is no #FOMOFridays today. I’ve been away. Which leads me to this post! Mama had to serve some lewks while holidaying in Lebanon. It was hot and humid AF, but I managed to look cute each day. You guys would laugh at my little notebook in which I itemised each outfit day by day. Trust me it makes packing so much easier!

Thursday: Arrival day was great! Settled into the apartment and got some shut eye as we got there crazy early. The day was long and consisted a lot of sitting in traffic. It was all worth it when we got to the most amazing Mediterranean restaurant with the best food EVER. I wore my pink on pink delight shirt and shorts from Asos. On the feet I slipped into these embossed tan Duke+Dexter loafers. Nice overcast day which ended with a walk around the old city of Byblos with it’s gorgeous churches, cobblestone roads and harbour.


Friday: Boat day! So initially it was planned that we’d spend the whole day on this great party boat and frolic in the still Med sea to our hearts content… until the sea decided not to be still. Plan B was chilling on the stony beach in Batroun. Honestly a better alternative. The day was the best! Boozy, tiny cozzies and loads of food. Wore as little as possible. The vintage silk kimono from Vintage Goddess is all you should care about here. Hehe.


Saturday: Go Aya, it’s your birthday! I knew this day was going to be lush and delish all the way up in the mountains of Bkessine village. It was certainly no village by any South African standards. I had my girl Buhle of Fashimo Styles make me this two piece African print number. Initially had it untucked, but a tuck always wins. How gorge is this print from Nigeria??


Sunday: Funday. Woke up late. Chilled and fooled around at the apartment making videos to Darkie Fiction songs and eventually hit the city of Beirut. Loads of walking around and taking snaps of the coolest area called Mar Mikhael. Finally got to wear this Hawaiian-esque shirt from Zara with white shorts, white leather Converse and topped off with a vintage Fila corduroy cap. Easy breezy, beautiful.


Monday: Final day in the city was another chill one. My outfit certainly wasn’t! Lol. I had a choice between orange high-wasted pants made for me by Buhle or white linen pants; all white was going to be overkill so I went with the orange. Winner! They looked so good with a loose white linen button up and camo print Duke+Dexter loafers. Great day of art museums, margaritas and the constant hunt for WiFi.


I had THE best time dressing up every day like it was my bday (one day was of course). Lebanon was so gorgeous with so much history and variety. The men are so HOT and everyone is so friendly and warm. Imma give you the full lowdown in a future ALNgoes post.

Have a great weekend!




Weekend Mirror Style

Ok so I had some drinks on Saturday. There I said it! Hahaha. I should’ve known there was no way I was gonna do an art fair without clutching onto a nice little summin’ summin’. It was freezing so I clutched onto some Shiraz. So… so long Dry July. The weekend was fantastic nonetheless. No hangovers to nurse at least. Kept shit classy.

Friday: This was another disastrous morning of trying to get dressed. I wore so many layers also! Looked at myself in the mirror and called myself a genetically mutated onion. So many colours! Anyway… it made sense in my head. Now that I look at the pic I’m like ‘Ummm’. Layered half was a tan poloneck, denim jacket and a pink bomber from Adidas Originals. The more summery part (lol!) were the camo skinny chinos with pale pink Fila platform sneaks. I was dressed. That’s all.

WMS - wk 30 (1)


Saturday: RMB Turbine Art Fair was a jam. I had my wine. Sipped it slow and enjoyed the art and lovely humans I ran into. There was a lot going on there I very much doubt I finished the whole thing. I looked cute perusing around in all black. The popping parts of this lewk were there dusty pink trench coat I got at a thrift pop up last winter and these sexy ass faux leather heeled platform boots from Zara. My thighs are still sore from this day. I don’t know how some of y’all rock heels on the daily!

WMS - wk 30 (2)


Sunday: Errands, pick ups and more errands. That was most of my day. I put on a beret and everything. For what? Lol. Best part of the day was getting ice cream with my baby brother and niece albeit in Fourways. Jk, love it there 🙂 Catching up with my brother meant I had to watch the World Cup Final and learn about the players. Joy. Whatayagonnado? Lovely day in a white textured Chinese collar button up, faux leather jacket, ripped jeans and glossy piano black lace-up shoes. The beret from ivantage yakho was the real winner here.

WMS - wk 30 (3)


Another seriously cold week in Jozi. July is out for terror. I got an icebox where my room used be! Stay warm. Look cute. Chew your food.