Weekend Mirror Style

Fully back in the swing of things. New week, hopefully new moves. Losing my holiday glow already from being back at work. Yawn! I’m just glad it seems to be getting a little bit warmer. The last time I did a WMS post it was basically Game of Thrones up in Jozi. I don’t watch the show (don’t @ me!), but it always looks snowy and cold af.

Anywho… LEWKS!

Friday: Back at work, but it was Friday so not much work was done… Lesbi-honest. What did work though was the outfit I threw on. Started with the camo pants and eventually worked my way into this lewk with a pink Topman sweater over a white button up and tan Chelsea boots. The denim worked better than any other coat with these colours. 🙂

WMS - Wk 31 (1)

Saturday: 3 hours boozy brunch with my best, Sunni, under the winter sun was the best start to the day. I was pretty hammered from the bubbly and sunshine by the end of it. Best! Then I hit the burbs for a friends farewell. After my post about Clueless 30th last week I was inspired to do a white cropped sweater over a pink striped button up both from Cotton On. Cher Horowitz did a ton of these on the film. Lower half was my trusted ripped jeans and grey camo D+D loafers.

WMS - Wk 31 (2)

Sunday: Mellow day spent with friends for a cute 6 year old boy birthday. Getting dressed was a scramble. Black is always the easiest option for me when I have no idea what I wanna wear. Was feeling particularly femme so I did a black Puma crop with a black ankle length cotton skirt and grey wool jacket. Silver NBs with red laces added a bit of something something to all the dark colours.

WMS - Wk 31 (3)

Great weekend. Stayed off the streets on account of energy. But we shall rebuild! Have a goodie cuties!



ALNfeels., ALNthrowbacks.


…3 years ago. Yesterday I got one of those ‘Facebook memories’ reminders of a picture of my personal best dressed faves; Inge, Dylan and Amanda dressed as the iconic trio from Clueless, at my 30th birthday party in July 2015.

I really just wanted to do a young throwback of this just so I could share this invite I made for the party. If you know me well, you’ll know this is one of my favourite films EVER and it had turned 20 years old when I was turning a whole 30.

I still remember being about 12 years old in boarding school and tagging along to the video store to hire the weekend movies. This was like ’98 so trust it was VHS upon VHS. Lord knows who I was with, but I forced them to hire Clueless among two other typical boy movies like Naked Gun or some hyper masculine action or sport film (those were all the rage back then – Kevin Costner I’m looking at you!). I had obvs seen the movie like a million times with my cousins so I was already fluent in eye-rolling, saying “what-ever” at every turn and pretending to know what Cliff notes or Haiti (said Hadey) was.

The movie played on a 51cm colour TV that sat suspended at the top right corner of the overcrowded hostel TV room with it’s wooden framed cushioned sofas, screaming red and gold floral carpets (which gave the worst f-ing carpet burns ever), oppressive white walls and it smelled of shampoo, soap and puberty. We had all just showered ten minutes before. I was obviously having the best time! Quoting every line and doing the whatever double hand gesture the hateful Amber character abused at almost every classroom scene. Surprisingly everyone else really liked the movie. Most of them commented on how they finally got all the random crap I always said. Even for a little bit I felt totally understood and happily continued to flip my non-existent hair over my shoulder whenever I crushed a maths test. Which was hardly ever to be honest. I was more of stage queen back then.

Wow. This post turned out to be a whole lot more than I intended it to be. Lol. Writing it had me go down memory lane to some really fond experiences at my time at D.V. Taylor House. Experiences with my then closest mates who actually always had my back through and through now that I think of it. Until high school came of course… then there were all sorts of plot twists and melodrama. Shout out to the OG dorm crew Senzwa, the two Mawandes, Dyasi, Anda and Phiwe.

Here’s the email invite I modelled after Cher’s speech:


The rad flyer I made on PowerPoint:


What a glorious moment during one of the darkest times of my life. Just 3 and half months before my mother passed and never got to see me turn the big 3-0. I know that I had to continue. Celebrate my life. Remember her influence and always know that I come from a place of love. It has certainly taught me to not cling onto big ages or events that occur in my life but cherish the joy and love every day offers, being authentic and honest, trying to be present, making the most of this temporary thing called life and even more so to be grateful for it.

Now at 33 I can say I live in gratitude of this body, this mind, my amazing friends, family, this earth and it’s beauty and of my gorgeous life giver who did the absolute best she could.

It’s all like TOTALLY great you know? 30 was a good start.



Umm… How Did I Get Here?

Ayabonga Ngoma (ALN) laughing with head looking down wearing red and gold kimono
Okay, so you’re probably going, ‘Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?’ But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a thirtysomething. I mean, I get up. I brush my teeth, and pick out my clothes.

Gosh, I don’t know how the first two paragraphs of this post were about Clueless… I’ll allow it. The whole spirit and I guess vibe of this blog will pretty much be a bit of a rambling mess, some curated posts and mostly just me sharing who ALN is. The blog posts will be categorised by what I feel (ALNfeels), what I like to wear (ALNlewks) and all the places, events and spaces I like to visit (ALNgoes). It will certainly evolve as time goes by, but for now less is definitely more? I’ll try to have frequent posts so just please bare with me as I get a feel of this whole thing.

Yikes! The panic here is more about sharing myself this openly online than it is over the technicalities of blogging; I was fortunate enough to certify as a Digital Marketer so truuuust my SEO and social marketing is gonna be L-I-T! It also helps that I have some blogging experience when I used to contribute for Sandy Nene from South African Bloggers. All my articles and reviews can be found on the SABloggers site.

I will be branching out into full on Digital Marketing at some point and actually put my skills to use. Holla at me over here if you’re keen on doing some work together.

My next ALNfeels post will be about my consultation with a medium from which I was given a message to hurry up and start this blog site. I know right?! It was one hell of an experience that offered so much healing for me. So keep posted for that. For the other categories, I’ll regularly share my outfits and what I get up to during the coming weeks. I’ll use “proper” English most of the time, but there will be times where I abbreviate to the umpteenth power as well as use ridic (see!) non-existent words. Get into it!

Please feel free to comment, subscribe and share anything that you like. My social media links are in the menu up top so don’t be shy to click up a storm and follow me on InstaPinterest, Twitter and FB.

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P.S. If you didn’t burst out singing Deborah Cox’s “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here” after reading this blog post title you may be a robot…


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