Weekend Mirror Style

Ok so I had some drinks on Saturday. There I said it! Hahaha. I should’ve known there was no way I was gonna do an art fair without clutching onto a nice little summin’ summin’. It was freezing so I clutched onto some Shiraz. So… so long Dry July. The weekend was fantastic nonetheless. No hangovers to nurse at least. Kept shit classy.

Friday: This was another disastrous morning of trying to get dressed. I wore so many layers also! Looked at myself in the mirror and called myself a genetically mutated onion. So many colours! Anyway… it made sense in my head. Now that I look at the pic I’m like ‘Ummm’. Layered half was a tan poloneck, denim jacket and a pink bomber from Adidas Originals. The more summery part (lol!) were the camo skinny chinos with pale pink Fila platform sneaks. I was dressed. That’s all.

WMS - wk 30 (1)


Saturday: RMB Turbine Art Fair was a jam. I had my wine. Sipped it slow and enjoyed the art and lovely humans I ran into. There was a lot going on there I very much doubt I finished the whole thing. I looked cute perusing around in all black. The popping parts of this lewk were there dusty pink trench coat I got at a thrift pop up last winter and these sexy ass faux leather heeled platform boots from Zara. My thighs are still sore from this day. I don’t know how some of y’all rock heels on the daily!

WMS - wk 30 (2)


Sunday: Errands, pick ups and more errands. That was most of my day. I put on a beret and everything. For what? Lol. Best part of the day was getting ice cream with my baby brother and niece albeit in Fourways. Jk, love it there 🙂 Catching up with my brother meant I had to watch the World Cup Final and learn about the players. Joy. Whatayagonnado? Lovely day in a white textured Chinese collar button up, faux leather jacket, ripped jeans and glossy piano black lace-up shoes. The beret from ivantage yakho was the real winner here.

WMS - wk 30 (3)


Another seriously cold week in Jozi. July is out for terror. I got an icebox where my room used be! Stay warm. Look cute. Chew your food.




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