I know… I know. This is a highly inflated title. I am in no way a pro model (YET! – dasryt, we gots to manifest the shit out of this life babes) and I’m not really Kenyan, but someone commented this title on Instagram when I first posted these pics. So here we are, a year on from this chocolaty, sun-kissed, queer long and lean African mess I was. Yassss bish!

This trip to coastal Kenya was approx around this time in 2017. Google photos and Facebook are outchea with their reminders. I was up there for a friends magical beach wedding with a bunch of other mutual friends (pictured ever so editorially below). We took THE most amazing photos and for whatever reason I found myself possessed by some sort of ‘glory be to Noami Campbell slay-demon spirit’ whenever a camera phone was near. Shout out to Banesa, Sam, Siya, Andy and Sunni for going wild with the shutter button.

So anyway, this is a young ALNthrowback to the birth of my desire of using my internal love for performance in this model-esque toe-pointing athletic-chic way. Such fun in the sun.

Legs, Ray-Bans and Red Blankets

Ivy Walls and Ivy Park

Buttery Masai Fisherman

The gang gang ❤

KNTM (17)

L-R: Siya, Andrew, Banesa, Sam, Sunni, ALN.


Kenya’s Next Top Model

ALNthrowback to exactly 1 year ago in Kenya where I turned it TF out like I was on some magazine shoot. All with the Samsung S8 😀


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