Weekend Mirror Style

Glory be to self care. I’ve had such a great weekend. I’ve decided to put the streets and drinking on pause, mostly to preserve my energy which I’ve been a little reckless with tbh. I’ll probably resume in the Spring. Small get togethers and cute dinners are very welcome 😉

Friday: What a disaster! I think it took me 30 minutes to get dressed. I had no clue what to wear. I’m also lowkey holding back from dressing 100% me at work. I haven’t quite dissected that yet – but I mostly don’t want to waste lewks there. Haha. When I finally got it together I threw on some dark navy Levi’s, brown suede boots, a navy and this forest green extra length bomber/parka jacket. The beanie was for colour. I felt so blah. Whatever it was functional. Stayed in, made hamburgers and drank alcohol free pale ale with the houseband.



Saturday: Hangover free I hit the gym and spent HOURS at Cresta Shopping Mall with my fave Sunni. She’s the only friend I could do a shopping date with. We think the same and map out our needs based on where things are. And we’re both impulse shoppers so we lie to each other about needing shit. Fun! Minced around the mall in deep red ankle length pants, black Adidas trefoil tee, biker leather jacket and black Reebok Classic leather sneaks. Wearing my old school colours with zero triggers – win! Lol



Sunday: The rain called for maximum coverage. Only my face and hands were exposed because that sh*t was cold! Mellow day hanging out with one of my oldest friends in Joburg Mpho and her little boy (who is the cutest thing EVER!) Lukhanyo. The brief for our meeting spot was somewhere with a fire place and Piza e Vino Melville was a winner. Nice and toasty with all the comfort pasta. Wore this black coat from Zara with a grey poloneck and black pants. Roughed it up a little with dark brown leather utility boots. It looked too cute without them, something had to be done.



Week 1 down of Sober July. Feeling deelish and ready for this week. Go forth and conquer lovelies.




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