Alright first week of July. You are not here to play boo! An icy cold front to remind us we’re still alive. All the workload a gal could barely handle while juggling training about future network evolutions and dreaming of the future. Shap. I see you. I’m down to boogie witchu. Lol. I don’t know what all that was about either. Yay Friday right?!


I’ve now finished all 8 eps of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel. I was so happy to learn that Amazon picked it up for 2 more seasons. Those Golden Globes it won clearly did something.

After seeing a tweet about how iconic of a rapper Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes was, I fell into a YouTube hole of all things Left-Eye and TLC which made me so late for work. Her verses were always so smart, reflective and expansive. Also she’s the funnest to watch in videos. I used to draw that black line under my eye all the time. Definitely one of the best to do it shem. I still can’t believe she never really had a full-on album.

Oh… I guess that’s it? I really need to start the shows I’ve had on the back burner. Craving a doccie tbh. Oooh let me go back to FX’s Pose. Apparently the acting was only cheesy on the pilot ep.


Of course upon stumbling on Left Eye‘s feature on Donells Jones‘ ‘You Know What’s Up’ I listened to his whole album. He was so good! Also how do lyrics just stay in you forever?! I was singing and rapping my little tooshie off.

I started compiling a 90s inspired playlist on Spotify from stuff I was listening to this week. I’ll share when it’s ready! It goes from Queen Latifah to Maxwell, Aaliyah, Biggie and Mariah. It’s been TBT all week. Nostalgia is the best. You always seem to remember where and when you were when it comes to such classics.

The Disney soundtracks also got me this week. I don’t even remember what triggered it. I think I thought of a book and then thought of Belle and the old librarian where she says “Oh, I just couldn’t put it down!”. Anyway… I was all up in Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and a little Frozen for the weather. The villains always had the best solos. Ok maybe not Gaston. Ursula and Scar tore it down!

On the podcasts I only managed to listen to RuPaul’s What’s The Tee? w/ Michelle Visage. Those two are a riot. I burst out laughing throughout the whole thing. The ep I landed on was with Ashanti. Homegirl is back at it! Did you know she had a new song with Ty Dolla $ign? Granted everyone has a song with him right now… It’s called ‘Say Less’. It’s cute. Normani may have her spot in all that though. No shade. Love me some Foolish.

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

The highly rated documentary, Matangi, follows the life of Sri Lankan artist y’all know as M.I.A is back at The Bioscope from today. I was supposed to go to the screening a few weeks back but weekending got in the way (sorry Jackie!). Definitely going to make the time to see it on this run. It’s said to be amazing with great raw  personal video footage through 20 years.

Calexico (the old Stanley Beer Yard) looks like a nice new chill spot. They have vinyl DJs on weekends and have Vinyl Sundays were you can shop for some great records. I’ve only ever been to one but I found a Michael Jackson Thriller and Donna Summer vinyl at one of their pop ups. Definitely bookmarked for a nice afternoon sessh.

The RMB Turbine Art Fair isn’t this weekend, but this is just a reminder if you like the event. It’s back from Thursday 12th until the 15th, so get those tickets here.

For a good ol dance time, my home away from home KCB (Kitcheners) is hosting a rad ass party called Music Is The Weapon tomorrow night. DJs Danger Ingoze, fave Maria Mc Cloy and more are bringing the club, raggae, kwaito, afrobeat, dancehall and more into roots music. I’m on a hiatus from the streets, but this one is a must!

Soweto Art & Craft Fair is hosting their monthly event with BLK JKS being the live act for July. Haven’t seen them play live in ages and I use to follow them all over Joburg back in the day. Might pop in just for them tbh. Maybe pick up some local crafts.

I’m keeping it indoors for most of July but definitely will be out and about for those weekend day events. I’m sure there is much more on that you know about. Who got a fire place? Let’s get cosy?

Happy Friday lovelies ❤




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