Weekend Mirror Style

Welcome to part two of 2018!! It’s July – my birthday month and the heart of Cancer season. The best kind of people to exist of course. I’ve already gotten a R75 voucher from Edgars, just cos. How nice? Cheap… but nice. The past weekend was pretty amaze. I’m completely exhausted of course because I managed to make all the events I had promised to make. I’m on a social break until further notice. Kisses!

Friday: I knew from ages ago that this last weekend of June would be manic. It all pretty much started right here. After work I rushed to Studio Moma to get my nails did. They were looking like hooves all week. The winter is so unforgiving on my nails beds. My girl Mimi hooked it up as usual, I went with a light grey nail colour this time around. Grey became the inspo for my weekend lewks. I had work on Friday so I was in full drag. White Levi’s branded tee, black jeans, tan Chelsea boots and topped off with a houndstooth print cap. I threw the camp in just before I left the house, it all looked too plain without some print. After nails I had a dinner with my babes, hit up Vogue Nights at J&B Hive (switched to black heeled boots and my wig Yolanda for some extra fish) and went to show the Kool Out family some love on their 10th Birthday party. Manic, but so much fun.

Mirror Style (1)


Saturday: I had ALL the day plans for this day. A visit to the IV clinic for a young boost. Brunch date and a razzle at Keyes and Basha Uhuru. I woke up, got dressed and got sucked into the couch. New episodes of GLOW came out so I binned everything. Part self care and part I really don’t want to – which is allowed y’all. I couldn’t bin the night time because my boo Leon was performing at  Feel Good Series and Mx Blouse at The Tennis Club. They both killed. I love my beautiful and talented queer artists guys. Can we just please support. The grey nails influenced the outfit with me matching them with grey check pants, black polo-neck, black heeled boot and I carried around my chunky mustard sweater all night. It really was just for colour tbh. Matched that with mustard polka dot socks. The heels killed me by the end of the night. How do y’all do it. Yhu!

Mirror Style (2)


Sunday: Late wake up. Solo lunch at The Richmond in Auckland park. I love it there because it’s never full like the popular spots and it gets the best winter sun. Popped into a friends farewell and wrapped Sunday off at Breezeblock for Sunday Best Selects. Nice ending to a very busy weekend. Kept it easy with more grey to match the nails – striped pants covered with an extra length white tee, black leather platforms from Steve Madden, black biker leather jacket and topped off with a straw basher hat.

Mirror Style (3)


There is apparently a hell of a cold front coming for us, so keep it locked and loaded gang. Which reminds me, we’re out of gas! Eek!

Have a lovely week!




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