Is it me or do things pop off during Winter in this city? Also shout out to the solstice. We’re halfway through gang. Here’s to longer days and less darkness. No but seriously, there are ALL the activations and ALL the events happening ALL at once. I actually cannot! I mean I can… but like wooo shem! Or maybe it was just this week? Either way Jozi is doing the most don’t get left behind. Ok now I’m rambling…



Only thing I managed to watch in this busy ass week was Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Always a good easy watch for constant chuckles. Titus Andromedon is my favourite character on television right now. The outrageous levels of this show are kind of aspirational, especially in the episode I watched recently about white privilege. Amazing mess!

OTR II has been all over my instastories. I naturally fell into a YouTube rabbit hole of most of the performances by Bey and her bae. That stage is BANANAS. Apesh*t video is even more bananas. Like how do you just go take over the Louvre?!

Coconut Kelz is back with a new video. This time she pokes fun at Sashi Naidoo and her comments on Palestine – awks, and the lady who was kicked out of a Kulula flight for using that word. Smh. Go have a laugh over here.


3 words. EVERYTHING IS LOVE. Full stop end of sentence. The Carters stay coming for our edges and we stay sipping their kool-aid. I’ve given the album about four listens. I have my faves. I just want more singles so I can get more videos from these two. Their visuals are always on point.

Christina made the mistake of releasing her album on the same weekend as The Carters. To be fair she had no clue. I’d be haaaaacked! Really interested to see the first week numbers because her album Liberation is really good. Some old Xtina, her deep ballads and some new current alternative sounds with great features. Worth a listen.

My girl Nicki Minaj on the other hand was touched by an angel and moved her June 15 release to August 10. Obvs that angel is her homegirl Beyonce! Lol. Love her songs with Ariana, ‘Bed’ and ‘The Light Is Coming’. Nothing new on Nicki’s Bed – island gyal vibes, but Ariana’s track is fire! It kind of has that NERD ‘Lemon’ hyper beat I dig.

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

Friday I have a friends 30th hangout so will probs be at that all night. But La Santa in Melville is having a funeral for Kanye West called 808’s & Heartbreaks. Apparently it’s going to be all the PRE – slavery was a choice, Trump loving Kanye music. I love me some ANG so I trust they will turn it all the way out with a good mixture. It’s not going to be all Kanye, don’t stress. Dress in black!

The Bioscope is hosting The Other Peoples’ Film Festival this weekend. This fest is in recognition to World Refugee Day that was 2 days ago. It will showcase films from other parts of the world with seemingly different by the same realities we all face. Maybe in contradiction to this, Cinema Nouveau in Rosebank will have the annual European Film Festival running from today until July 1st. Expect award-winning foreign language films from independent film house you probably haven’t heard of. 2019 Oscar nominees amongst these for sure.

Rosebank Sunday Market has the Car Boot Sale event they have every last Sunday of the month. Vintage clothes, antiques and great food stalls. I haven’t been to the Rosebank Market in ages. Might pop into this one before I get into a really busy Sunday of farewells and new chillout spots.

What’s sure to be a fave series for the rest of the season is Sunday Best Selects. A 6 week residency at the super cute Breezblock in Brixton. Sunshine, laughter, calm energies and a whole lot of bubbles over some good wavy music. Find me there for a wind down.

I’m looking forward to a mixed weekend of fun, hugs and a dose of chill. The days are slowly getting longer from now on so let’s enjoy em!

Happy Friday ❤




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