Weekend Mirror Style

The first half of 2018 is almost done. So much has happened. So much is happening and so much is yet to come. It’s been a continuously hopeful year paired with more doing than saying – Loves! I don’t know what I usually write in this intro part of these posts, but that’s what I needed to say I guess. Let’s peep some lewks. 😛

Friday: Friday was a dream. Work was cute, I felt cute, people were being cute. Also I’m gonna kill my friend Buhle for getting me onto saying ‘cute’ for everything. Urgh! I lowkey love it obviously. Had my babes over for dinner. We ate, drank a ton of wine and had all the DMCs. So much alignment, healing and positive reinforcement. If y’all don’t do this with each other start immediately – ayimandi! I stumbled upon my Mevrou & Co tee and wore that with black pants, silver New Balance and the star of the lewk was this grey woolly jacket moment I got from VintageGoddessClothing.

WMS - Wk 25 (1)-wk25


Saturday: So you know how I said Friday was a dream… The wine got the better of me and the devil within thought a young Kitcheners razzle was a smart idea. *buzzer sound* Nope. It was super fun and all but wine was then mixed with gin (mostly cos I hate carrying wine glasses when I’m out) and that was that. My whole day went to the PITS! I voided everything I was meant to do and never left the house. I used to beat myself up about these kind of days but now I’m like “I had a really great time with really great peeps” so, Oh well. No lewks to be seen here.


Fail Saturday

Sunday: The grey coat made a return yesterday and it’s defs one of my fave lewks I’ve put together. A mellow grey poloneck vibe at the top and a colourful pastel party at the bottom. Dark mint green pants and pink suede New Balance 247 luxe brought the fun. A yummy winter look to take to Nirox Roots Music Concert and check out some dzaddy’s with their little ones doing the most. Somehow I managed to sip on some wine again. The sun required it. Allow.

WMS-Wk25 (2)


Writing these posts are so fun for me. Stay hopeful. Keep doing. If you feel it’s right it doesn’t have to make all the sense at the moment. Trust that it will.

Have a dope week!




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