Weekend Mirror Style

I am EXHAUSTED!! The last 4 days have been very eventful. M.I.A on Friday was FIRE! Home-girl put on a show for her chil’ren. Saturday was well… trippy. Sunday saw the ‘3 Babes’ do an excursion into the North and Monday was spent in Diepsloot helping a school with their computer lab and library. I legit slept for like 12 hours last night. That being said, I’m looking forward to the week.

Friday: Most of this day was spent doing as little as possible at work, dying in meetings while anticipating M.I.A. I remembered that I once had an off-white jersey so I dug it out and wore it. The supporting acts had to have some colour so I went with a red check button up and dark blue skinny jeans. I tried black jeans, it just didn’t work. The mustard socks were for more colour against the brown suede ankle boots. Cute winter look.

WMS-Wk23 (1)


Saturday: One thing we can be grateful for about Jozi winters is the afternoon sun. Nice and warm (for the most part). Took advantage by wearing my tartan skirt, that most people think is a kilt. It’s very much a skirt. I need to get one those strong diaper pins to fasten the flap because I was flashing all sorts of people whenever some wind would show up. Wore the skirt with a navy polo-neck and white old-school design New Balance. 3 items, simple but effective in creating a full lewk. Fave!

WMS-Wk23 (2)


Sunday: Going to the North of Johannesburg is an excursion and a half. The Farmers market is always nice for sunshine and some yummy food but coming from downtown it’s a mish! But we sucked it up and paid millions for an Uber to Fourways. What I’m finding is that deciding on a “main” item then working with it is what works best when I get dressed on weekends. I decided on a grey and black striped kimono for Sunday and added in the oversized white tee, ripped pale blue jeans and white Asics Gel-Lytes around it. The colourful cap I added in just for control (and effect).

WMS-Wk23 (3)


One of my favourite weekends so far. A mix of people, energies and locations. So necessary.

Chase that dream, meet those personal deadlines and make that stranger smile. #newweek




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