Oh yea we in this bitch!! Whew. Is it me or did this week draaag. Apart from having a 2 day hangover (I know, I know. Do we ever learn?) I had writing classes which god bless them are the absolute best, but can be taxing. The imagination needs constant stimulation I tell ya. Definitely a daily practice of finding those stimulants from now on. Hope you had a good one though. Let’s get it in.


Like I said. Week was a toughie, so the watching was on the minimum. I listened more than anything. Easier medium tbh. Omg. All I watched was a movie called The Invitation on Netflix on Sunday. It was one of those situations where you have no clue what mood you’re in so you go through titles, watch like 20 minutes and then realise you just can’t. Invitation had all the intrigue and creepy suspense. I think I liked it. Ending was NUTS!

That’s all.


Yes, yes… More Super Soul Conversations with Mama O. They are my daily bread at this point. We don’t always have these conversations or even share our beliefs in divinity, energies/vibrations and the shit that makes us great. SSC is always a great input and outlet for just that. This week I listened to the one with Dr Phil about accountability, responsibility and forgiveness. Fave line: You can only control YOU. Others you can inspire, others you can coach, others you can coax. A-ha. Amen. Hallelu. Overindulged with Marianne Williamson on her chat about returning to love. Simple and powerful. Also her daily prayers are the ones!

Music wise I pretty much allowed Spotify to guide me through my daily mixes. This week has been a lot of dark pop from The Japanese House, Shura and the likes. Yummy new age alternative vibes from Blood Orange, Broods and Kelela. These artist know how to write great pop songs.

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

I’m not even gonna front. As much as I wanna r-e-s-t this weekend, I know I’m gonna pop off at some point. Tonight M.I.A. is in town and performing at The Newtown Music Factory (old Bassline – thank God they are using that space!). She’ll be supported by some faves – Doo Wap, Dear Ribane, Phatstoki and Buli. A tour-de-femme of artists and performers. Obsessed! I cannot wait.

44 Stanley is doing a Friday Nights at 44. Never been to one but I guess they will have all the stores open. Nice cosy fire spots and music flowing through the whole space. My Friday is gonna be anything but mellow, but if you’re into it this sounds like a good one.

Encounters Documentary Film Festival is still on going at The Bioscope. I’ll be checking out M.I.A’s doccie film there on Saturday. Be sure not to miss it. Ayanda Mabulu opened his latest exhibition at Kalshnikovv last night at First Thursdays. Didn’t manage to get a peep because it was so crowded but will go check it out. Looked liked a lot was going on in there. Think I saw Nelson Mandela doing the Nazi salute in one piece. Go see it!

Blvck Queer is hosting the Vibrate Higher Social Festival at Soweto Theatre on Saturday. Art, live music and panel discussions will be the order of the day to promote artists and entrepreneurs. I’m doing the Field Market at some point and probs will pop into VHSF. Never been to either so should be a god excursion.

La Santa Muerte is having this dope party where you can (read MUST) come in any alter ego of your choosing. Fur coats, french maids, blingy pimps and and and. Sounds like my type of party. I got wigs and stockings for days! Overcoats and Underwear will be a vibe.

I don’t have any Sunday situations on my radar so do hit me up. KCB has their standing karaoke jam Khona Karaoke Sundays. Hot DJs and of course the Japanese art form of singing to words on a screen. Love.

Happy Friday peeps!




2 thoughts on “#FOMOFridays

  1. Rodney Knowles says:

    Ohhhh….Adding The Invitation to my list. I’m watching Limitless (the series) at the moment. I loved the movie/concept. I NEED that pill!!!

    Listening: H.E.R. I’m obsessed! Randomly played while Amazon Radioing. Looked up the album. The WHOLE thing is fire. These are the things that happen when I get out of my Yoncé/MJB hole.

    Doing: The Fields then getting on a flight to Amsterdam shortly after.

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