Weekend Mirror Style

New week. New month. New goals? I just realised I haven’t had a post Burn and Bushfire detox. Only did an emotional one if that’s even a thing. Mini goals are goals too. Next week I’m gonna detox the hell out of myself. I have the MIA concert coming up on Friday and her doccie film on Saturday and I doubt I’m gonna be able to stay away from the brown juice. Know thyself they say.

Friday: Thanks to requiring a new tracking system for Onika (my car) I spent half the day working from home. A policy they have at work but I have a feeling is frowned upon. It certainly minimised my office time. This lewk was inspired by my mustard Air Max. I haven’t worn them in yonks and grey and  black always work great with the colour. Gray poloneck, black jacket, polka dot socks for a bit of fun, ripped denims and my new mustard scarf. One of my faves. Thanks Nike!


Saturday: I guess I transferred the polka dots from the socks into this outfit. Got this shirt dress situation from iVintageYakho in Newtown. I have so much stuff from them at this point. I need to see other people. Lol. Wore a white Sandra Bernhard tee under it a friend got for me in the US on her comedy tour. Some one put their stubby finger in her mouth at Great Dane… Urgh. Finished the lewk with Black ankle length pants, red New Balance and newly dyed hair. Pushing a Jean Grey (circa X-Men 3) colour now.


Sunday: GD and Bitch Slap were way too lit. Just as well I’m going on a detox because I spent squillions on drinks and shots. Huge mistake. I spent the day on the couch paying for every gulp. Cancelled errthang. For what it’s worth I was in the same Sandy B tee from the night before and scanties all day. Sigh.

Make those little goals and snatch em by their edges. It’s officially winter and all the more reason to layer up and look cute doing it.

Have a great week!




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