Bushfire Style

The fire was brought and of course this was an opportunity for me to play dress up. Not that I need a whole music festival to do so, but it certainly amplifies everything because other people make an effort too. It’s no Afrika Burn, although some people did try take it there with their outfits.

Friday: I spent the 4 or so hour drive down to Swaziland in this (minus the kimono). I really should’ve worn something for the trip and then changed, because setting up the campsite was a sweaty exercise. I wore this vintage styled Levi’s cropped tee with red ankle length pants, holographic silver platform shoes and a custom crop robe from .ing. The kimono did all the work to be honest. When it gets sun it just shows off all sorts of detail on the colour morphing fabric.


Saturday: This was a day of wigs and nip slips. Mama got a new wig and Monicah came out to play in military green realness. I was in an olive green short jumpsuit given to me by a friend who happens to have a man who makes amazing clothes – thanks Siphosihle Masongo! I’m so bummed I didn’t do a pic of the back because there was more detail and the word ‘Future’ in gold. Bad ass short brunette bob, brown boots and moon bag to finish off the lewk and hit the main day of the fest. Gag!

Bushfire Style 2018

Sunday: I was actually going to do this lewk on Saturday but really glad I didn’t. It just worked better as a “mellow” Sunday vibe – I mean those pants are totally church service worthy! I had them made by Fashimo Styles for an event last year and re-used them this time with a white Style Collusion tee, black wool beanie and tan Palladium boots. I had a few people ask me what “AF” meant… It happens. This day was the funnest one and I loved hiking up my pants to carry them up stairs like a ball gown. Small joys.


All very different lewks to throw together, but the weather allowed me to do the most and I obliged. Saturday night was the only day I did a whole other outfit, but I didn’t take any pics. Would’ve been nice…

All the travelling, partying, camping, boozing and cruising left me spent so I’ll try have the pics and festival lowdown out this week. Until then, have a fab rest of the week. Hey June!




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