That other week my housemate Andrew and I took a young drive out to the Cradle for the annual Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair. The weather was gloriously sunny with a welcomed autumn crisp in the air. For some reason I thought because it was Mother’s Day it wouldn’t be too crazy, but everyone had the same idea to go on the Sunday rather than the Saturday. As crowded as it was it was lovely to see familiar faces.

Parking was a bit of a mare, we spent hours queuing at the food stalls (probably why I don’t have any pics of the food and wine stands), but it was a great day out guzzling bubbly, eating yummy overpriced seafood paella, and playing Rummikub on the lush green lawns. Besides the resident works that are always there I enjoyed a lot of the exhibited sculptures which included some mixed multimedia, glass printing, stonework, metal, LGBT+ activism and simple paper tag wishes on a tree. This gallery is mostly for people who have never been to the park as I had some friends who had never even heard of Nirox. Enjoy and be on the look out for their winter musical events.


Winter Sculpture Fair-y

A small gallery of my visit to the American Express Winter Sculpture Fair on May 13.


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