Weekend Mirror Style

I love me a new week. Leave behind the last and make the most of what’s ahead. I had a manic week last week but the weekend allowed for fun and alone time. Onward to my recap with my daily lewks. 😉

Friday: Fridays can be a jam at work. We hosted a technology day for our colleagues to get to learn what the nerds under CTIO do. I’m not saying I’m one of those nerds… but I helped with a colour coded presentation for my department. *shrug* I had fun with this lewk; A “masc” element with a vintage navy New York Yankees sweater, white button up from Asos, cute baggy looking grey pinstriped ankle length pants and red New Balance 373s. My first pair of NB’s before the obsession started. I randomly wore mustard and white polka dot socks because that morning I looked at the sneakers and wishing they had some yellow on them. Make it work.



Saturday: Friday went from after work drinks, to a great birthday dinner in Norwood, to a sweat inducing, house-party feeling good vibes only jol at La Santa to eventually a necessary underground after-after party at Toy Toy. I couldn’t Saturday until I had to meet friends at the Joburg Bubbly Festival in all black with a biker jacket, ripped at the knee jeans, Reebok classics and finished off with a multi-patterned monochromey scarf. Didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did at the fest, also discovered some new wines.



Sunday: Stayed in watching Netflix documentaries (they are always an easier watch then starting a whole new series) for most of the day until I got cabin fever and decided to grab a late lunch. BGR and Starbucks were my targets; bit of beef, splash of lemonade, little coffee. Sorted. Threw on black ankle length pants, black jaguar printed button up, denim jacket and my spacey reflective elite edition New Balance 580s. The glasses where for an extra bit of accessorising. Just nje, nothing serious. Got some air and went straight back to bed. Happiness.



Praise be for my next two weeks that will only be 4 days long thanks to Bushfire Festival out in Swaziland. Next week will be a Bushfire Special of weekend style. No mirror of course. Go forth and do the most this week. I can’t believe May is almost done. Wow.




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