Well it’s winter. If this week was a movie trailer for the actual winter months – I want NOTHING to do with it. No ma’am! Keep your box office. Keep your popcorn. Keep your damn slushy. No!

By the feel of things this may be a ‘staying in’ type of weekend, but who ever really knows with Joburg. It has a mind of its own, and it’s best not to try figure it out. Opt in and out when you allow.


This week has been hella busy. Work is being a bit of a mare at the moment and I also went and start a creative writing course on top of all this blogging as well as attend things. My watch-list is naturally on the decline. I did discover that Amazon Prime Video is in South Africa. I didn’t even know that. You guys are the worst! If you didn’t know – check it out. They also do their own original shows, films and doccies like Netflix. I did a throwback to Parks & Rec while I was browsing through. In the world of streaming options are clearly everything. I’ve barely scratched the surface tbh. Oh I did manage to finally catch the first episode of The Handmaid’s Tale season 2. It’s a helluva lot. I’m taking it slow on this one. I cannot.


I’m still on podcasts. They are just the tastiest things to consume in the car and at work. At work I just need to remember to not burst out laughing when listening to my new find called Nancy. It’s a show that’s essentially a platform about the LGBTQ experience and highlights how no experience is ever the same for anyone. So far I’ve heard stories of coming out to an Asian mom – multiple times (sounds like my coming out to my Xhosa mom!), hunting down a gay porn movie star and a young closeted gay adolescent seeing themselves in a grown lesbian store owner and imagining for the first time what it might look like to being a grown up gay person. Representation! I was asked where I listen to my podcast, Spotify and Apple have them but I just use CastBox which is solely for podcasts. New this week I’ve been jamming to my friend Sandiso aka Mx Blouse‘s new killer track “Is’phukphuku” which also came out with his first video ever. It’s so good you guys. I’m obsessed. I also want every look in that video. Since jamming last week at Tennis Club with Carla and Spoek from Batuk I’ve also been all over their new album Kasi Royalty. It’s an instant party and a dream for playing while driving (or in the Uber).

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

As soon as I got to this section I realised it may not really be a weekend spent in doors. With the mumps pandemic going on in my friendship groups I really don’t know, but there are cute things going on that I’m keen on. Today is the start of the Joburg Bubbly Festival in Hyde Park which will be popping off all weekend. I think I’ll do a Saturday sundowner sitch if anyone else is going.

Before that I’m so excited to be attending choreographer Stella Dlangalala movement class tomorrow morning. Saw a video on her insta and it is all I’ve wanted from dance. Can’t wait. Join if you wanna get the body doing thangs! Market Theatre has a new play starring John Kani called The Train Driver until June 3. Heard about this one from a lady in the writing class and she was raving.  

Jozi Walks is on it’s second year and doing walkabouts around 11 neighbourhoods in the city including  Soweto, Maboneng, Hillbrow, Newtown, Marshalltown and more. This is going on all weekend starting tomorrow.

Loads going on and next weekend will be worse! I’ll be in Swaziland for Bushfire so there may not be a #FOMOFridays next week. All the events I’ve mentioned have links to their FB events for times and venue info. Comment below and let everyone know if there’s anything else involving food, sunshine, music and good times. Kisses!




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