Weekend Mirror Style

Ok first of all… this weather is so rude! Like who has time to be wet and cold and drive in the mad Joburg roads?! All I can say is that I’m grateful for the great weather we were served with this weekend. Managed some cute sunworthy lewks on the days I managed to wake up and do stuff. Goodness, did I just ramble on about weather? Let’s go!

Friday: As per usj I had to show up for work. Yawn. Swindled some Hershey’s Kisses in a meeting which was pretty sweet. Everything snowballed from after work drinks at The Royale where shots were involved, a surprisingly fun excursion to Rockets Lolitas for a North side razzle and finally jamming with Batuk at The Tennis Club. All this hopping about was in a black Adidas three-quarter tee, black ankle pants and black paint splashed Asics Gel Lytes. Loved this look. Love black!

Weekend Mirror Style



Saturday: As you can imagine from the day before, I was unable to do anything during the day. Slept my LIFE away! Don’t try such things post 30 years old kids. It’s not cute. I only managed to go to a birthday house party in Randburg but that didn’t stop me from turning it out in my new (well old – cos vintage) grey and black striped kimono with black polo-neck, black knee length skirt and white Asics Lyte Joggers trainers. Black again.

Weekend Mirror Style

Saturday (night)

Sunday: After plenty more sleep and an early night, the house houseband and I headed to Nirox Sculpture Park for the annual Winter Sculpture Fair. Nirox is always a great little getaway especially when you can appreciate art in such a great setting. It was hella crowded, but it never disappoints. Kept it Sunday with a chunky mustard jersey over a white button. Custom made wide-legged wrap pants (holla if you’re into them) and cream leather Puma Basket platform sneaks.

Weekend Mirror Style


An all round goodie. I put on some Britney circa ‘Slave4U’ this morning to push through this gloomy ass day. Do your thang, make this week your biatch!




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