Weekend Mirror Style

This has to be one of my favourite weekends this year! I know… Quite a big statement. We are on month 5 and there have been some WEEK ENDS! This particular one was just a nice variation of catchups, me time and a whole lot of being out and being at 3 places in one day with 4 sets of different people. Pretty much sums me up really. Extroverted introvert who is a secret recluse but also super social. Helped to have my instastories to act like a fool on camera while being alone at home all day. Anyway… This is about the lewks! Leggo!

Friday: The 9 to 5, then met up with my Jozi fam for a young catchup. We tried out the new spot in Linden called Van Der Linde. Great food, amazing cocktails and beautiful space. Working and dining was done in a grey polo-neck, ripped jeans, brown boots and an olive coat. Loved this colour combo. Autumn realness!

ALN. Weekend Mirror Style


Saturday: This was recluse-ville day. I only left the house to go to a yoga class in the morning. Unwashed, uncombed and unbothered. I did this in a white tee and these red harem pants. The lady at the Whippet was so confused because she’s only ever seen me styled out. Loved it. Alas, no pic in the mirror. Great day though.

Sunday: This was the world tour day. Brunch at The Richmond, Victoria Yards (which I’ll be doing a post for) and The Pan African Rum Fest and Kitcheners. A lot of a lot. Maybe I was making up for staying indoors all of Saturday, but I had one of the best Sundays ever. All with different people, vibes and energies. Thanks to everyone I saw, y’all are great! All this running around was done in my new fave, an imported white tee with PRADA and the Spice Girls printed on it, black ankle length pants, cute ass black leather platforms and a tartan print beret. Not gonna lie, I was living for this look. Spiced up my life for sure!

ALN. Weekend Mirror Style




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