Whew! Ok… I’m slowly getting back into it. Today’s post is hella late my morning was riddled with doing weekly stats for that 9 to 5. Last night I managed to go to two galleries yesterday for First Thursdays… it was a lot. Still on that post-burn funk. Glad I did it though, had great conversations and ideas for some stuff I’m working on for y’all.

I’ve been sick this week so all I did was watch stuff on Netflix for hours on end. I’m nowhere near finishing the book I started at the burn and zero new music, but let’s do this thing.


As I said it was all Netflix, all day errday. I’m still struggling to get into actual shows so I’ve been devouring documentary series. I sat through The Rachel Divide which gives more unnecessary spotlight on Rachel Dolezal and how she came to being self-proclaimed trans-racial. I dunno… Check it out if you care. I watched the whole thing. It’s obviously very well done but she still isn’t making any new supporters. The other goodie is RAPture which goes into the world of old and new rap superstars. I had no idea who Logic was until I was the first episode… he’s got a great story. Good TV. The others were We Speak Dance which looks at different dance styles from 6 different cities including Nigeria and My Next Guest Needs… (I can’t type that mess). Letterman chats to Jay-Z. Mr 4:44 is doing all the rounds. He knows a lot about a lot and he talks about everything.

Oh snap. So I discovered this really amazing animated Japanese show called Aggretsuko. It’s not for everyone but I watched the whole season in a single sitting. It follows this young accountant cat in the city who hates her job, hates how responsible she is and takes it all out on a microphone, screaming death metal at a karaoke bar and the bathroom stalls at her office. I know… How ridiculously good? Check it out!!


Back on Destiny’s Child. I saw on my friend Neo’s instastory that ‘Survivor’ came out May 1st 2001! I spent my own coins to buy this album back then. 16 year old gay mess trying to sing lyrics to ‘Apple Pie a la Mode’ off the booklet as fast as Beyonce! The joys. My older brother then decided to steal my CD and take it to hostel where his whole boarding house had its way with my prized possession! Imagine. Anywho… I digress. Also listened to a bunch of dark pop from MUNA and Ashanti‘s ‘Concrete Rose’. Nothing new this week. Also if you’re on Spotify let’s follow each other. Making some deelish playlists and also need new music!!

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

So I’m not really going to be on the streets much but there are a bunch of things happening in Jozi this weekend. I swear more happens in Winter in this city. Like all on top of each other! I need to realign my ish so doing a yoga class led by my girl Banesa at the Village Bell in Linden. Come through to detox with me. R50 a class. Essential.

Sunday I’m thinking of doing the Pan African Rum Festival at the Neighbourgoods Market spot. If the weather is yummy I just might go. There is a tribute concert for Bra Hugh called ‘A Celebration of Hugh Masekela at Joburg Theatre that started yesterday. Sounds like a good Saturday evening sitch, there are some greats on the roster. One thing I’d love to go to but don’t think I’ll go to is the Sneaker Exchange event tomorrow at Fox Junction. It’s a pretty dope event that comes to a city (incl. Cape Town) annually where you can buy, sell or trade your own sneakers. I’ve seen some where you can paint, draw and rework your sneakers. OK I may have convinced myself. Alliance Francaise was one of the galleries I went to last night and they have an nice exhibit called  ‘Five Photographers: A Tribute To David Goldblatt‘. I didn’t know much about this world renowned South African photographer so it was great to see photographers he feels inspired by who capture the essence of survival which is a theme he gained fame from back in the 1950s apartheid SA. It’s on for the whole month. They have jam packed schedule so look out for some of their exhibitions this month which will include final year UJ students works.

Comment below. Invite me somewhere I wouldn’t know to go to. Will be sure to bookmark it! Have a good one!




5 thoughts on “#FOMOFridays

  1. Siyandiswa says:

    This is literally the highlight of my whole week! *hides*

    Except for the fact that I’ve been the BIGGEST slob this week that hasn’t read anything, listened to anything or attended anything. This weekend will probs be much the same but looking forward to being back next week 🙂

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