Afrika Burn Style

I’m back! With a special edition of Weekend Style. Nothing is in front of the mirror this time around. Funny enough someone actually had a mirror at our camp. That would’ve been a cute continuation of the series but I really wasn’t thinking of the blog or anything outside of where I was the entire time. My existence and survival was only for my immediate surroundings with the people I was with. But of course each day mama served some lewks! And by mama I do mean me.

Day 1:

After getting out of my travel wear which was ripped denim shorts and a baby pink ‘man-eater’ tee, I jumped into my first burn lewk. This was an openwork sleeveless top, one of my Afropunk rejects – a blue tiered mullet skirt with african print and my favourite pink Doc Martens. An easy but fun start to the week.


Day 2:

Even though I had a list of what I would wear each day, it changed as I went along. Day 2 I randomly went with a sheer black skirt, black speedos, a black ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ vest and silver holographic shoes. This day I went on a solo mission and discovered new hidden spots, met people on a magic carpet ride who invited me to a potluck dinner. Sadly I never went. So many distractions! Also never got a full photo!


Day 3:

This was one of my favourite days and best looks. I got a pink “super bass” wig which inspired the punk look. I re-used myย  blue Afropunk skirt with a white crop top, doc martens, black jacket and a bunch of accessories. I pranced and paraded around the Binnekring like a rockstar checking out the sculptures and spreading happiness.


Day 4:

This was the wedding day! That’s right. A whole wedding! My campmates Alex and Walid from 1001 got hitched at the burn and I obviously had to come to the party in style. The amazing Inge Wulff made me a custom .ing kimono which was extra length and extra sequinned! The kimono went with a black crop top, black see-through tights, silver boots and a black wig and turban. The daring glamour of it all! This day was crazy times! So special.


Day 5:

The last day for dress up was another re-use of an Afropunk piece. How I could still pull lewks out was quite amazing. Some guys at my camp were dumbstruck. Give the people what they want they say! This day was a wind down and I took a calm, introspective stroll through the town with Treyvone in my see-through black jumpsuit and camo palladium boots. It was a slightly sombre day as we knew it was all coming to an end and more structures and artworks we loved were going to burn.



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