So last week went great. At least I think it did. I was afraid it was gonna be that awkward sitch when a singer puts the mic out to the crowd and it’s crickets all around! Thanks for singing back y’all! I think a few people got to check out what others were doing and get involved. Judging from my friends ‘Wild Wild Country’ sure got a bit more views over the week, and I think people who didn’t know about the ‘Winnie’ doccie certainly went looking for it. Cardi B is still on rotation for me.

So next week I wont be around as I will be out in the karoo for Afrika Burn!! I know! Madness! Hopefully I’ll come back with tons of stories and beautiful pictures to share. I can finally put my DLSR camera to use. Whoop whoop!

Let’s get it POPPIN!


There is only one thing that really mattered this past week and that was Beyonce shutting the entire world down at Coechella. Thank heavens for YouTube live. I screamed, I cried a little and I certainly flipped my non-existent hair while watching this spectacular woman tear it up with a live band, 100+ dancers and all the outfit changes from Balmain! Just wow. Find the link if you missed it! She’s back on this weekend!


I didn’t listen to anything new this past week. Like I said Ms cardio Cardi is still reigning supreme on my Spotify. Obviously post Beychella I was all up in Beyonce’s and Destiny’s Child‘s discography. That 2001 ‘Survivor’ album is the business! Worth a mention is Shekhinah‘s “Suited Synx Remix” featuring Mr. Eazi from Nigeria. It’s sexy, airy and deelish! Oh!! How could I forget the baddest and my personal fave, Onika aka Nicki Minaj released two tracks last week! “Barbie Tingz” and the clear winner “Chun-Li”. I know she’s not the most likable, but give them a go.



I recently bought Ghana Must Go, a novel by Taiye Selasi. I’m probably gonna take that along to the desert when I decide to have some downtime. Lord knows I cannot be all up in people’s faces all day.

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

This weekend is less active than last. I have 2 birthday shindigs on Saturday and that’s it! The rest of it will be spent packing and sorting out my tasty lewks for Afrika Burn! But just so you’re in the loop there is a great opening happening in Braam for the new interior design hub in 99 Juta. The Argentinian Film Fest is at Bioscope this weekend if you’re looking for something different to watch.

Next week Kamers handcrafted market is back in Jozi. I went last year and it was a ton of fun; from handcrafted gin to clothes and accessories. Well worth it. It’s my late friends birthday next week and there will be an event on th 27th at ConHill for Karissa’s Legacy where you can help those in need by donating whatever you can. This will all go to the 100+ orphans that have lost loved ones that she always so graciously gave so much to.

You know what to do. Comment below with anything you’re up to this weekend or got up to this past week.




7 thoughts on “#FOMOFridays

  1. Sunni Faba says:

    This weekend I’m keeping it super low-key but I must recommend listening to J. Cole’s album which dropped in the dead of the night here in SA.
    It’s called KOD – kids on drugs and I’m super excited. You should listen to it… for the culture 🙌🏿

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  2. Siya says:

    Watching: so I missed Beyonce’s Coachella performance last week (I know I’m basically straight now) and have watched it in reaction videos and dodge YouTube links so I’ll make sure to catch it this Sunday (apparently this one will be a little different as well).

    Reading: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Hariri. It’s a delish book that tracks human evolution. A worthwhile read for anyone who likes to know random facts.

    Doing: I’m in Amsterdam for the next ten days and the weather is delish. I plan to run the city, dance the city and eat the city. It’s also the King’s Birthday and a public holiday next Friday and apparently it’s one big ass party. I’m excited!

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  3. Zweli says:

    Oh super chilled weekend for me. I’m listening to Sun EL musician’s new album that dropped this week. Andikho sho. Reading all the financial magazines. I couldn’t read the Friday publications from last week, now I am scrambling before I have to buy this week’s as well. Saturday I’m going to a Transcedental Meditation class. Totes excite. Lord knows I need to quiet my mind. Then I am working the whole day. Sigh. Sunday will be phola park for me. Oh and all of Shondas shows are doing series finales this week. So there is that mess that I need to look into

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  4. Rodney Knowles says:

    Listening (on repeat): Beyonce’s Beychella performance.
    Watching: I finished Fargo (an NEEEED another season) but now I need new recommendations of what to watch. I might do Wild Wild Country in the meantime.

    Friday: Movie night…watching Day of the Dead: Bloodline
    Saturday: I have a professional development workshop I’m attending aWall day
    Sunday: I might do an Earth Day thing during the day so the children know they have to take care of their environment. Going to August House in the afternoon to (hopefully) discover some new artists/buy some art/sip some vino and chill. Then watching Tebogo and Zola take the trophy on Dancing with the Stars.

    I’m sure there’s more to the weekend that I’m forgetting. But when Shawn it’s here…my planning skills go down the drain.


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