Weekend Mirror Style

God. The instagram “camera” is actually quite shite. Or is it the mirror? Uhh… whatever. Let’s just go with “it adds effect”. I wanted to do this post yesterday, you know… for consistency sake. But my Monday had other plans. Mostly eye-rolling my life away at the office, groceries, a quick 20-minute meal and making silly instastory videos of me singing to Destiny’s Child’s “Sexy Daddy”. But in short… I totes forgot.

So Friday: A razzle at the office. Lord knows a full productive day on Friday isn’t a real thing. I wore black pretty much all week because we were in mourning. Obvs kept it cute and edgy with an #IAmWinnieMandela t-shirt I got at ConHill last Tuesday. Worked around the tee with cropped black pants showing my “beetlejuice” socks for colour, black leather ankle boots and a biker jacket. Apparently the jacket is very Michael Jackson? Maybe more ‘I’m Bad’ than ‘Thriller’? Anywho… it was fun to do a bit of a punk-esque vibe.



Saturday was a a full day! After passing out early with the lights on and blinds up while trying to finish ‘Wild Wild Country’ I woke up at 6am to get ready for Mam Winnie’s funeral. I didn’t take a mirror snap but I did a black polo neck, black coat and black brogue styled ankle boots. I think I was thinking more traditional funeral vibes. Really glad I went. What a phenomenal woman. Her send off was historic. And yes… Cape Town International we’re coming for you!

Second part of the day was spent at Corona Sunsets Festival out in Modderfontein. Which sounds like it’s hella far, but it’s just off Marlboro! Threw this lewk together around a vintage tartan skirt I got at ivintageyakho in WorkShopNewtown. The pattern popped around the black and grey. I also have way too many of these Adidas trefoil tees. I initially was gonna go without anything under the skirt, but then figured I could use the skirt as like a shawl situation when it got cold. I hate carrying jackets if I’m not driving. Needless to say I forgot to use that idea and froze my tits off when the temperature suddenly dropped just before midnight. Super fun times, I think I’ll do a post on it tomorrow.


Saturday (After Tears)

Sunday I kept it a little preppy for brunch with the house-husband. A white tee with a patterned elephant, cropped navy pants and tan woven sandals did the trick. You’d swear I had a full day ahead with the tote bag and everything. I literally came home  straight after and vegged on the couch until kingdom come. I just had no energy for anything. Bummed I missed Nirox Picnic Day. Oh snap! Beychella happened on this day. Zero wigs to speak of. That woman is something else. Praise bey.



Have a fab week. Smile at a stranger.




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