Ever seen someone’s instastory or snap and thought “Oooh! Where is that? What show is that? Who is that artist or band?” I do ALL the time! Mostly because I consume a s*#t ton of content and like nice things.

Lord knows if this will take off, but I’m all for trying something out at least once. Also I don’t do any posts on weekends so wanted to create something that will be continuous week on week. It will obvs need you to make it a thing though. *wink*

So the idea behind #FOMOFridays is to share what I’m listening to, watching and going to. Which is cute and all, but I really would like to also know what you’re doing. Then hopefully eventually we keep the FOMO low by finding new places, hot events, cool musicians and anything else that could be missed out on.

Let’s get it POPPIN!


This week I went to go see the local new release ‘Five Fingers for Marseilles‘ at The Bioscope. I’ve never been a fan of westerns, nor do I get their plots – but Five Fingers was an enjoyable watch. It was beautifully shot with an amazing cast and gripping story. I was stressed half the time because you just didn’t know who was the real villain. It’s out nationally so go watch and boost sales!
On Netflix I GAGGED on ‘Wild Wild Country’! I still have two more episodes to go, but I couldn’t stop watching. I basically skipped gym to gobble up 4 eps in one sitting on Monday.
I haven’t started any new shows because the commitment of it all is a lot so I tend to watch easy reality shows. The rebooted America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 ended this week with a new champ… it was cute. Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 10 is amazing as always. If you’ve never seen this show, now is a good time to start. Never thought I’d be a VH1 gal, but they are doing it with their shows. The ‘Winnie‘ documentary is currently airing on eNCA and hopefully will be available at independent cinemas and online. It has everyone shook and well… pissed off. I still haven’t seen it yet but the reviews are in and they are hot! Some would say the timing may be a bit off to push this film, but this last week with the country in mourning has highlighted the almost uncelebrated life of a true South African hero. It’s a shame really, but it’s up to us to rectify it.


I always feel like I’m missing out on music, new and old. There is just too much happening. But as of right now I’m still living for ‘You Will Not Die‘ from Nakhane. It’s one of those start to finish, no skipped tracks albums. Definitely how you do a sophomore album after an award-winning first release. Yaass!
My boo thang LEON just released his EPTo Be Continued‘ which is sooo good. I didn’t even know about his voice until I went to support him at The Orbit in January. He’s one to watch. His voice has such universal appeal and can translate in jazz, pop and urban R&B. Your homegirl Cardi B dropped ‘Invasion of Privacy‘ last Friday and it is a SMASH! She came with all the right ingredients for a first serving; an ode to her haters, calling out trashy men, booty shaking caliente beats with mad features. Can’t help but love this girl.

Doing (Weekend Tingz):

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Corona Sunsets Music Festival out in Modderfontein. Last years fest was magical, so I’m hoping they bring it again this year. The line-up is outrageous I hope I can keep up. It’s 90% sold out so if this is the first time you’re hearing about it, it’s worth a razzle.
Sunday is Nirox Picnic Day! Nirox Sculpture Park is one of the most beautiful spots around and has started a Picnic series for the winter. My girl Banesa Tseki will be holding it down with a distressing Kundalini Yoga session under the trees from 11am. There will also be performances and picnic baskets for order. It’ll be a nice chilled end to the weekend.

Please comment below with whatever you’re doing, jamming to and watching. Share any self-made playlists and events we may not of heard about that are interesting. Don’t forget to #FOMOFridays on social media.




10 thoughts on “#FOMOFridays

  1. Sunni Faba says:

    Definitely watching Easy on Netflix – the human relationships and how they’re explored fascinate me.

    Definitely going to watch 5 Fingers and cannot wait!

    And listening to the new Saba – Care for me! Incredible!

    #fomofridays – I can’t wait to run into you and air kiss!

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  2. Im doing re-runs of Friends- My Mood for the past few weeks has been light, so i enjoy to watch an easy series.

    Watched: WINNIE………….. And im SHook

    Listening- Sarafina Soundtrack obvs.. And a whatsapp chat reminded me of My Immortal by Evanescence;-) Gave it a lis in the car.

    #Fomofridays Eating myself into a Coma

    Great Post xoxox

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  3. Siya says:

    Friday: Netflix and chill. I see you recommended Season 10 of Mama Ru and you know I trust your judgement on this one so I’ll give it a go.

    Saturday: Plan the pay my last respects to my liberator and the greatest struggle hero in Mzantsi Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Her funeral starts at 9AM at Orlando Stadium in Soweto. A little Corona never hurt nobody so I’ll probs make my way to join you to end my 12 days of mourning. #AfterTears

    Sunday: there’s a new place in Linden that just opened called Van Der Linde that I want t try as the self proclaimed mayor this burb.

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  4. Palesa says:

    I am currently bumpin and loving Cardi B’s album. It’s a jump.
    Really want to catch five fingers as well as the Mam’Winnie doccie.
    Also currently reading Sapient, well just started a week ago. But from needs to be a low.. Sometimes.

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  5. Priscilla says:

    Love this…

    Friday- feeling like a movie night, just can’t decide on what to watch.

    Saturday – oooh an early morning hike in Magalies -keeping fitness options alive lol! Then its off to Corona later in the day. See you there

    Sunday – hopefully not a recovery day from Corona but putting in a little family time with the cousins with a night of series (I so need something new to watch – recommendations please :))
    May end up at SAFW,will have to see how my Sunday goes

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  6. kaitlinalsofrom says:

    I have #FOMOfridays a LOT mostly because I am actually kiiind of a big nerd and never quite as … hip… as I want to be 😉

    Friday I am chilling … just got caught up on my most recent installment of ANTM … I am #teamkhrystiana (sp?) at this point … I am also listening to the new Chloe X Halle album on repeat: The Kids are Alright. I need to get on Drag Race season 10 but I am too lazy to find it…

    Saturday: Heading to Soweto to pay respects to Winnie together with Siya and the rest of South Africa :). In the evening we have a little birthday party for Peter at Parker’s Comedy Club so hoping to catch some good laughs…

    Sunday: I am not on top of the weekend enough to have something planned for Sunday yet… I have always wanted to check out Nirox sooo I’ll be waiting for my invite to join you? Haha 🙂

    Lots of love ❤️

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  7. Rodney Knowles says:

    Watching: Fargo (series) on Netflix…I’m obsessed! I was never a huge Billy Bob Thornton fan (the “Billy Bob” makes me nervous) so I’ve been avoiding it. It kept coming up in

    Listening: The Search for Everything (John Mayer). I’m not sure how I got to this, but it’s amazing.

    dZoin: Friday…pretending to work then getting the toes did then dinner party. Saturday and Sunday are still TBD. I really don’t like leaving the house on the weekend. I like to do my tingz during the week.


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  8. CREDS says:

    Friday – Carmen the Ballet (I love appreciating the arts while knowing nothing about them, and there’s a lot of hidden gems in Joburg!)

    Saturday- Corona

    Sunday-TBD but Nirox sounds cool or some self loving time

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  9. Zandi says:

    Five Fingers defs on the list.
    Been stuck in a course in the woods so didn’t know about Winnie so will defs check it out.
    On a lighter note, also been meaning to see “Ready Player One”. Read the book and expecting movie to disappoint but one gots to. For video game’s sake…and control.

    Finally on the 5th season of The Wire (first round) but super excited to watch “Wild Wild Country” straight after. I hear it’s off the hizzy! 🙂


  10. Miss Jay says:

    Yyyyyaaaasssss!!!!!! I heard about Wild Wild Country!

    Thanks for the reminder!

    As for my weekend….the only thing that would cause fomo from the weekend was my first visit to Brian Lara on Sunday! The snacks were delish….our bottle of bubbly was delish….and the waiter was cuuuuuttteeeee (your househusband was coming for him!)

    Also watched “Dancing with the Stars”….VOTE FOR ZOLA AND TEBOGO!!!

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